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pure gases

With over 60 products in more than 200 grades, which is from 99.995% to 99.99999%, our Pure Gases cover a wide range of applications to your business. Whether Nitrogen 6.0 or Helium 7.0, Cryo-Asia can provide you with any of your Pure Gas product needs.

Recently, actual nomenclature varies with differences in trade and grade names of each supplier. While some products are defined by specific alias such as "UHP" (Ultra-High Purity) or "Industrial Grade", our products' actual purity levels are being represented by the minimum nominal purity level. With this standard notation applied by Cryo-Asia, confusion on the actual purity of products is being eliminated and is more precise and accurate.

As a standard, gas purity is commonly expressed as a two-digit number, for example, 5.5 – where the number before the decimal point represents the number of nines and the tenth digit represents the last decimal, thus 5.5 has a minimum purity of 99.999%. To expound further:

Oftentimes, gas purity is not the only concern, but the degree and type of impurities that define the product. Two gases of identical grade may not necessarily have the same effect. For example, your analytical instrument requires pure gas of 6.0 grade with a minimum allowable hydrocarbon level of 0.5 ppm. Even using a pure gas of 6.0 grade with a hydrocarbon level of 1.0 ppm, the increased noise could affect the analysis. These impurities usually result from the gas manufacturing process and vary by gas and by-products. The maximum concentrations of the known and detected impurities are noted in parts per million (ppm), or parts per billion (ppb), either in the function of relative moles, weight, or volume. These factors are closely monitored by Cryo-Asia. We understand the science just as we understand your process.

Cryo-Asia offers a wide range of Pure Gases to suit your application. Since all of these products are classified by grade, you can be certain that the purity level suits your requirements and for any application where impurity control is important, be it on chromatography, pharmaceutical applications, process control, or gas detection.


*More gases available upon request.

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