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At Cryo-Asia, we understand that pure gases for biotechnology and life science applications are not an industrial commodity or utility. Absence of compliance with usage, manufacturing, distribution, and storage requirements could put your company at risk. We developed a comprehensive gas manufacturing process to meet all regulatory standards for production and transport. High quality gases play an important role in process manufacturing and research and development. The correct gas delivered through appropriate distribution systems guarantee system consistency, product uniformity and quality compliance. As the most reliable source for cryogenic gases, Cryo-Asia provides you with materials and support for the systems you use in cryogenic freezing, VOC cryogenic condensation for compliance, rapid cooling and precise temperature control for reaction and process optimization, induce simultaneous nucleation, lyophilization of sterile products such as biologic formulations, vaccines and non-aqueous solvent-based drugs, overcoming DO limitations in aerobic microbial fermentation systems, as well as variety of other applications. Many biotechnology and life science processes can be enhanced through our innovative gas technologies that cut costs, improve quality, increase output, or improve safety.

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