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Cryo-Asia offers certified gas standards in optimum accuracy and traceability for the most demanding analytical applications. These multi-component gas mixtures which are a part of a wide range of specialty gases are available in a wide range of concentrations up to ppb levels. The method of preparation follows ISO 6142 and the method of analysis follows ISO 6143. Our specialty gases and liquid hydrocarbon calibration standards are ideal for calibrating instruments used to analyze trace impurities in petrochemical feedstreams and hydrocarbon product streams in natural gas processing. We recognize that every facility has individual hydrocarbon composition and related concerns. This is why we push our flexibility and innovative techniques to develop testing packages for meeting your specific issues and requirements.
Sulfur Species - Calibration gas Standards
Natural Gas Standards
Refinery Gas Analyzers Calibration Gas Standards
LPG Gas Standards
Methanizer Calibration Gas Standards
Calibration Gas and Liquid Standards

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